Ray Hildebrand’s
“Paul and Paula” Career (1963-1966)

sing for young loversPaul and Paula Sing for Young Lovers, including: Hey Paula, Hey Baby, Come Softly To Me, Two People In The World, Sweet Baby, Blue Roller Rink, Young Lovers, My Happiness, All The Love, Gee Baby, Don’t Let It End , Ba-Hey-Bee. This is Paul and Paula’s first album. $10+$4 S/H Order

we go togetherWe Go Together, including: We Go Together, Oh What A Love, The Beginning Of Love, Flipped Over You, We Two Forever Shall Be One, Stepping Stone, Average Boy & Average Girl, So Fine, Love Comes Once, You Send Me, Something Old Something New, Pledging Our Love. $10+$4 S/H Order

holidy for teansHoliday for Teens, including: Holiday For Teens, White Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, Silver Bells, A New Year A New Ring, The Happy Holiday, Holiday Hootenanny, Blue Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Home For The Holidays, The Christmas Song, I’ll Be Home for Christmas. “The best dang teenage Christmas Album of all time”, Major Bill Smith. $10+$4 S/H Order

Best of Paul & PaulaThe Best of Paul and Paula – A Compilation of 31 songs from their career, including: Hey Paula, Pledging My Love, Something Old Something New, My Happiness, All The Love, Flipped Over You, First Quarrel, Come Softly To Me, Hey Baby, First Day Back At School, The Beginning Of Love, Two People In The World, Young Lovers, Ba-Hey-Be, We Go Together, Love Comes Once, A Perfect Pair, Blue Roller Rink, We Two Forever Shall Be One, Average Girl Average Boy, So Fine, Sweet Baby, Don’t Let It End, We’ll Never Break Up For Good, Stepping Stone, Gee Baby, Crazy Little Things, Dear Paula. $10+$4 S/H Order

Ray Hildebrand (1967-73)

It is believed that Ray was the first Contemporary Christian Artist on a national label in the United States’ Word Records in 1967. He is a “Christian Oldie” for sure! His three albums with Word were:

hes everything to meHe’s Everything To Me, including: Turn It Over To Jesus, It’s Jesus He’s Coming for Me, It’s Free, Be Kind Tryin’, What This World Needs, All My Life, He’s Everything To Me, Get To Doin, The Man, I’m Free, Good News Children of God Never Die, If I Live Well Praise The Lord. $10+$4 S/H Order

i need you every hourI Need You Every Hour, including: I Need You Every Hour, Help The Little Bitty Children, Say I Do, The Life That Wins, Oh, Can’t You Hear The Music, Common Ground, Don’t Feel Sorry, Joy Love Peace Patience, Lord There’s A Mountain Over There, Pretty People. Ray’s,Say I Do, from this album is his most recorded song. $10+$4 S/H Order

special kind of manSpecial Kind of Man, including: I Met God In The Morning, I’ll Fly Away, Two Hands, Little Country Church, Heaven Help Us All, By & By Medley, Special Kind of Man, Welcome Back To Jesus, He’s Not For Everybody, Didn’t He. $10+$4 S/H Order

Ray Hildebrand -Tempo Records (1976)

welcome warriorWelcome Warrior, including: Welcome Warrior, All He Ever Wants, I Know Now, He’s Been Wonderful, We Really Do, Keep The Son In Your Eyes, Hands, I’m Just A Branch, Once I Was Young, For The Joy. $10+$4 S/H Order

raytoday2The Best of Ray Hildebrand. (From the 4 albums listed above) including: I Met God In The Morning, By and By Medley, Say I Do, Didn’t He, Special Kind Of Man, Welcome Warrior, Little Bitty Children, Any Color You Want, Common Ground, I Need Your Every Hour, I Know Now, Turn It Over To Jesus, He’s Everythiing To Me, I’ll Fly Away. $10+$4 S/H Order

Land & Hildebrand (1986-present)

Phrogs Pharoah and PhorgivenessPhrogs, Pharoah, and Phorgiveness, including: You Can’t Go Wrong Doin’ Right, Frog Kissin’, More Or Less, Papa Was A Big Man, Joe The Toe, Not By Might, The Prodigal In F, Seven On 5Th Street, One More Night With The Frogs, Health Food, From The First Bite. $10+$4 S/H Order

good medicineGood Medicine, including: Any Color You Want, Hawaiian Hallelujah, Sunday Morning, Harmonize, You Can’t Go Wrong Doin’ Right, Sister Carie, The Prodigal In F, Poet & A Wealthy Man, Watch Me, He’s My Man, All Day, Say I Do, Mississippi Squirrel Revival, Hole In Your Heart, Bro. Hawkins, Frog Kissin’, I Love You, No Greater Love. This is the best of Land and Hildebrand. $10+$4 S/H Order

ballads babies and bbqBallads, Babies and Barbeque, including: Love Goes Round, Millie & Joe, If We Don’t Sing, Hang Up & Drive, Dog, Cat, BBQ, Nobody Lookin’, I Know Now, I Love You I Do You Bet, If We Don’t Sing (Reprise), Bonus Track. $10+$4 S/H Order

Children’s Album

bigearsBig Ears – Children’s Album (Songs from the nationally televised children’s tv show, Stuff “A day in the life of a girl and a boy!”) Including: Wake Up, Count On, It’s A New Day, Big Ears, Clean Up, Trust In The Lord, You’re My Friend, You’ve Got A Lot Of Control, Do You Know What’s Right, God Is Love, Just A Little Seed, Stop Wait A Minute, A Little Bit of This, Chaw Gog-A Gog, I Got A Good Excuse, Patience, Loco, Faith, Ol’ Noah, Monsters. $10+$4 S/H Order